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The Journey

Holistic, Patient-Centered Care

The vision of Redwood Memorial Hospital is to be recognized as a leader in holistic, patient-centered care -- promoting the optimal well-being of the community; and providing a welcoming and healing environment that physically, emotionally and spiritually uplifts patients, families, physicians, staff and our volunteers.

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The Underlying Principles of the Journey

  • Body, mind and spirit are an integral whole that cannot be separated into isolated parts
  • Every intervention or interaction is holistic in its impact: it affects the whole person
  • Relationships -- among caregivers and between caregivers and patients/families/loved ones -- have a profound effect on healing
  • Each person has an innate capacity for self-repair and healing
  • Patients and loved ones play a critical role on the health care team
  • Healing is always possible, even when curing is not
  • Staff and physicians are effective in providing and supporting holistic care to the extent that they understand, experience and practice it themselves

The Comfort Cart

Features nutritious snacks, hot coffee, games, puzzles, books and lap afghans for families whose loved ones are encountering a longer hospital stay

Spiritual Support

Can include visits from volunteer chaplains, visits from local ministers, PrayerNet blessings, a Spirituality basket, walks through our restful gardens, use of our community labyrinth and use of our chapel

The Labyrinth

Located outside in the Hospital courtyard - this quiet space is available for walking meditation

Music Therapy

Is available for patient healing with in-room CD players and musician volunteers providing periodic live performances

Pet Therapy

The patient's own pet is welcome to visit or patients can enjoy the company of a certified dog

Massage Therapy

Is offered to pre-surgery and other patients, depending on massage therapist availability


Art comes alive in our hospital with monthly rotating art exhibits in our hospital corridors. We also offer art supplies to patients on a daily basis to encourage their creativity. Art supplies include sketch pads, color pencils, markers, creativity journals, origami kits and sculpting clay. We have a local artist, Susan Dill Cooper, who volunteers to create art with Pediatrics patients. She enjoys giving the youngsters a chance to explore their talents with mask making, sculpting and mosaic tiles.

The Sister Alma Family Resource Center

Offers free health and medical information from a computer workstation in the Center or in written form delivered to the patient's room.

Services are also available to the community. Drop in M-F from 9am-1pm or send your health information request by phone (725-3361 ext. 4900), fax (725-7229) or e-mail (

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We do request a minimum commitment of six months of service annually. Most volunteers sign up for one or more three and one half hour shifts per week, with their minimum commitment complete after a period of approximately six months.

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