Linda Biondini, RN, Manager Med/Surg, Critical Care and CardioPulmonary

I was born to do this. I started as a Candy Striper. Now, I'm like the quality control manager of care. I visit patients and staff to make sure they're comfortable and their needs are met. For that staff, it ensures that they can do their jobs effectively. Communication and feedback are how we keep making things better… it directly impacts patient satisfaction. Last month, there were at least 75 STAR cards from patients recognizing staff for a job well done. I make sure weekly patient satisfaction scores are emailed to the team every Monday. We've gone from 38% to 92% in one year. If it sounds like I'm bragging, I am… I want everyone to know.

When you’re our patient at St. Joseph Health, everyone is committed to the care you experience. Our quality service and excellent care shine through — from the biggest procedures to the smallest details. We know how uniquely privileged we are to serve our dear neighbors in Humboldt County.