Kaylee Townsend, Employee Health Coordinator, LOA Facilitator

If my name sounds familiar it's because I'm a local girl, born and raised in Ferndale… south of Eureka. So when I do my job as an Employee Health Coordinator, it's like I'm taking care of my community. Basically I'm the face of employee health and work as an advocate between hospitals. So for me, being part of the St. Joseph Health family means being part of the community. My job is to give excellent customer service so that the employee can carry it forward to the patient. Since the patients are from this community, they're my family. I make sure my family is taken care of with the best medical care possible. That feels really, really good.

When you’re our patient at St. Joseph Health, everyone is committed to the care you experience. Our quality service and excellent care shine through — from the biggest procedures to the smallest details. We know how uniquely privileged we are to serve our dear neighbors in Humboldt County.