James Cabrera, Engineering

If you think of the hospital as a living person, I'm the one who makes sure all of the internal organs are functioning properly. On a daily basis, I make sure the pumps, boilers, generators, lighting, HVAC, units, beds, and doors are all working as they should. Everything from Major systems like the boiler steam valves used for sterilization of the Operation Room and hospital heating, to the little things like changing light bulbs. You don't think about it but our job is very important to patient comfort. They're already inconvenienced because they're somewhere they don't want to be. So making sure their rooms run correctly, the bed, the TV, the temperature… I'm all patient care all the time.

When you’re our patient at St. Joseph Health, everyone is committed to the care you experience. Our quality service and excellent care shine through — from the biggest procedures to the smallest details. We know how uniquely privileged we are to serve our dear neighbors in Humboldt County.