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The Pelvic Health Program at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka serves men, women and children with pelvic floor dysfunction and/or pelvic pain. We offer care that can provide alternatives or adjuncts to medications and surgery or aid in the post-operative healing process.

How can physical therapy help your pelvic floor?

  • Physical therapists who treat PFD have very specific and specialized training.
  • Therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction, much like physical therapy for any other condition you might see a physical therapist for, would include:
    • A thorough review of your medical history and symptoms
    • A musculoskeletal examination of your posture, spine and hip movement
    • A detailed explanation of possible treatments to allow you to make educated choices about your care
  • What is different about therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction is that the pelvic floor muscles are examined to determine their contribution to your symptoms and to personalize your treatment plan to achieve your therapy goals. This means your evaluation will include a vaginal or rectal exam.

Treatments may include manual therapy for bone alignment and soft tissue dysfunction (this can include an internal exam); specific core muscle exercises, nutrition counseling specific to pelvic health concerns; stress reduction techniques which can include biofeedback practices; and education about your symptoms and effective techniques that you can perform at home.

  • Your first visit will be spent discussing your symptoms, the anatomy and function of the region, and most importantly, what physical therapy has to offer in treating your condition. An exam is not usually done at the first visit, but may be performed after you have developed a therapeutic relationship with the therapist.
  • From our experience, the best outcome happens when you feel as though you are a partner in your healthcare. You will be able to explore treatment options with your therapist and make decisions together.

We encourage you to talk to your doctor about the Pelvic Health Program at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms:

· Urinary leakage, urgency or frequency

· Inability to completely empty the bladder

· Post-cancer treatment complications affecting the pelvis

· Frequent urinary tract infections

· Bladder pain

· Chronic pelvic floor burning or irritation

· Constipation or hemorrhoids

· Fecal leakage

· Pelvic pressure or “heaviness”

· Erectile dysfunction

· Painful intercourse

· Pain with using feminine hygiene products or having your gynecological exams

· Hernias or separation of the abdominal muscles

· Bed wetting

To learn more, please call us at 707-441-4454.

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