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Holistic & Patient-Centered health care at Redwood Memorial Hospital

This is the beginning of your journey to recovery.

The vision of Redwood Memorial Hospital is to be recognized as a leader in holistic, patient-centered care. We thrive in promoting optimal well-being throughout the community. Moreover, we are known for providing a welcoming, healing environment that physically, emotionally, and spiritually uplifts our patients and their families.

Together, our team of physicians and staff want to make your experience – as well as your family and other visitors – a pleasant and therapeutic one. If you are looking for patient-centered health care as you recover and heal, come to Redwood Memorial Hospital today. We're here to help you alongside your journey.

Our physicians are effective in providing and supporting holistic care to the extent that they understand, experience, and practice it themselves. To this end, we strive to infuse every treatment with more than proven medical expertise – but also compassion.

The underlying principles for all we do:

  • Body, mind, and spirit are an integral whole that cannot be separated into separate parts
  • Every intervention or interaction is holistic in its impact, meaning it can affect the whole person
  • Your relationships between caregivers, patients, families, and loved ones have a profound impact on the healing process
  • Each person has an innate capacity for self-repair and healing
  • Healing is always possible, even when curing is not

"It's the Right Thing to Do" – Our Journey Service Standards

Redwood Memorial Hospital is completely devoted to an outstanding set of service standards. This means our patients receive world-class service and care from start to finish, every time. We uphold our standards and commitments to all we touch and serve. This includes our patients, our team, our hospital, and community – and ourselves.

Patient Centered Approach
We believe that our patients and their families are at the center of all that we do. We commit to meeting and exceeding the needs of our patients. We commit to demonstrating respect, dignity and compassion through everything we do.

Holistic Approach
We believe that our actions must be approached from a holistic perspective. This commitment must be reflected in how we listen and act upon the needs of those we serve. We must cater to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each of our clients.

We believe that providing quality service to others is a top priority and a core value of Redwood Memorial Hospital. This commitment must be reflected in the personal service that we provide to all of our customers every day and in every way.

We believe that we are here to serve our customers by meeting and exceeding their needs with the utmost degree of care and courtesy. This commitment must be reflected in a positive attitude and by bringing this attitude to work every day.

We believe that exceptional teamwork is based on respect for one another and those we serve. This must be reflected in our commitment to be consistent, dependable, and responsible in working toward our common goals.

We believe that honest, open, direct, shared communication is essential to a quality work environment and patient care. We commit to listening to better understand the needs of those we serve and work with, always being aware of our verbal and nonverbal messages.

Customer Waiting
We believe that time is an invaluable resource. This commitment must be reflected in prompt service, communication and understanding the very unique needs of our patients, their families, and even our own co-workers.

We believe that, to ensure success in all that we do, flexibility and continual change is absolutely necessary. We are committed to embracing new, relevant ideas, and challenging the status quo. We are committed to celebrating continual improvement.

We believe that our work is a reflection of ourselves. We commit to take pride in and responsibility for our actions. Most importantly, as members of the Redwood Memorial Hospital team, we must take pride and responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.

Healing Options for Every Patient

Every patient has different needs and objectives. We offer a wide range of opportunities for healing and recovery. Making all patients feel truly comfortable with their treatment is our primary focus. Some of our different options include:

  • The Labyrinth – located outside in the Hospital courtyard, this quiet space is available for patients to walk / meditate in
  • Music Therapy – in-room CD players are available for patient healing, as well as musical volunteers who provide periodic live performances
  • Pet Therapy – the patient's pet is welcome to visit or patients can enjoy the company of a certified dog

If you would like to learn more about our holistic healing program, or if you would like a tour of our facility, please call us today.

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