Childbirth Center

St. Joseph Hospital's Laborist Program

Common Questions

What is a Laborist?

A Laborist is a qualified OB practitioner who works in Labor and Delivery, and who is available 24 hours a day to respond to patient needs. The Laborists at St. Joseph Hospital include physicians and certified nurse-midwives.

What does a Laborist do?

Laborists help deliver babies and respond to abnormalities or complications that occur during labor.

Which obstetricians are involved with the Laborist program at St. Joseph Hospital?

St. Joseph Hospital is fortunate to have highly skilled physicians who specialize in various delivery techniques. The Laborists include Drs. Eric Lieberman, Bill Weiderman, Shashi Ajmani and William Koch of the Center for Women's Health Care, and Dr. D.K. Stokes of Eureka OB/GYN.

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