Cancer Program

Support Services and Information

Cancer Conferences

Cancer Conferences are held weekly for the review of the needs of the newly diagnosed cancer patients by a multi-disciplinary team. The Cancer Committee is a multi-disciplinary committee, which has the responsibility of ensuring that needed oncology services are available.

Cancer Registry Services

Cancer Registry Services is an information system designed for the collection, management, and dissemination of data on persons with cancer. Learn More about Cancer Registry Services (707) 445-8121 Ext 6312

Community Resource Centers

Community Resource Centers assist individuals with information and referrals for community resources.

Blue Lake - (707) 668-5239
Eureka - (707) 442-5239
Loleta - (707) 733-5239
Rio Dell - (707) 764-5239
Willow Creek - (530) 629-3141

Evergreen Lodge

Evergreen Lodge provides fourteen private living suites and four RV sites for oncology patients who require temporary, low rent accommodations while receiving treatment. (707) 445-8121 ext. 7980

View the Evergreen Lodge brochure here.

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board ensures that any medical research involving human subjects is done both legally and ethically with the appropriate level of oversight. (707) 445-8121 ext. 6545

Kris Kelly Health Information Center

Kris Kelly Health Information Center provides the latest in health information for the public to access in an easy, stress-free manner. (707) 442-9094

Prostate Support Group

A support group that provides education, resources and support to those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and their loved ones. Click here for more information.

Head and Neck Cancer Support Group

A place to share, listen, explore and make new friends for those who are undergoing or who have completed cancer treatment for the head and neck. View more information here.

Humboldt County Cancer Support Groups

Various groups throughout Humboldt County for patients, families, caregivers and friends. Click here for more information.

I Can Cope Support Group

I Can Cope Support Group provides a forum for education and support for individuals who are dealing with cancer. Join us for this series of free educational telephone classes for patients, their families and friends facilitated by medical professionals. Each class highlights a different topic relevant to the cancer experience. Click here for the schedule.

Hospice Care

Hospice services for terminally ill patients, their families, and caregivers are provided through Hospice of Humboldt, a non-profit organization. Established by a small group of people, Hospice of Humboldt saw their first patient in 1979. Their team of health care professionals includes physicians, nurses, medical social workers, chaplains, pharmacists, counselors, and hospice aides who focus on making patients as comfortable as possible. Services are provided in a variety of settings based on individual patient and cultural needs.
(707) 445-8443 Hospice of Humboldt Online

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