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Peals Family Chemotherapy Center

St. Joseph Hospital Eureka's new Peals Family Chemotherapy Center recently opened. The center was dedicated in honor of local resident Martha Peals, who donated $500,000 to St. Joseph Hospital Foundation to help fund the center. St. Joseph's Hospital is near and dear to Martha, who has battled breast cancer twice, and lost her son Mike to cancer.

The Chemotherapy Center provides life-saving infusion services to cancer patients in a warm, comforting and caring environment.

Together with community partners, St. Joseph & Redwood Memorial Hospital Hospitals and St. Joseph Home Care form a comprehensive team offering expert preventive care, the latest technology for diagnosing and treating cancer, support groups and services, and medical information for cancer patients, their families, and survivors.

This video is here to provide you and your family information necessary to understand chemotherapy, its side effects, and how they will be managed.

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