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2017 Scramble and Benefit Ball Event Proceeds

Proceeds from 2017 Redwood Memorial Foundation events will benefit Redwood Memorial Hospital’s surgical department with an expansion project that includes a third operating room. The addition of a third operating room will efficiently accommodate the increase in surgical patient volume and make it possible to expand the scope of practice. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will go toward the Redwood Coast Family Medicine Residency program slated to launch in 2018. Each of these ventures are geared toward attracting and retaining new surgical specialists and family practice physicians, benefitting our community as a whole.

3rd OR:
For 60 years, Redwood Memorial has met the surgical needs of the Eel River Valley with highly trained and skilled physicians, modern technology and an incredible team of nurses and support staff. As we have seen our volume increase over the last few years AND as we plan to attract and recruit surgical specialists, offer a more comprehensive list of surgeries, and focus on efficiency for the benefit of scheduling of our patients, the time has come to add a 3rd operating room to our facility. When we rebuilt and expanded our current operating rooms in 2001, our leadership had the foresight to plan for future expansion and so designed the sterile OR storage room to be converted at a future date into a 3rd working operating room. That time is now…

Residency Program:

There exists a critical shortage of primary care physicians in Humboldt County (Family Practitioners, General Internists and Pediatricians). People who do not have a PCP (primary care physician) find it almost impossible to be accepted into existing practices. Recognizing this crisis, St. Joseph Health - Humboldt has formed a joint venture with Open Door to start a family practice residency program in Humboldt.

The residency has been in the planning stage for the past 2 years and hopes to accept the first group of 6 residents in July of 2018. The residents will be seeing patients in a Resident’s Clinic which is to be located in the former Redwood Family Practice building and will be spending time seeing patients in both St. Joseph Hospital and Redwood Memorial Hospital. This will result in an immediate increase in primary care capacity in our community.

Investing in this program is investing in our community. Historically, half of all graduates settle within 100 miles of where they do their training. Family practice residency is a 3 year program. Over the next 10 years the program will have graduated 60 new Family Practitioners. Therefore, the hope is that Humboldt County and the surrounding areas will have 30 new Family Practitioners in 10 years.

Every gift – large or small – that supports Redwood Memorial Hospital is an act of generosity. And all contributions have value in advancing the mission and work of the hospital to create a healthier community for us all.

From donations of volunteer hours that assist patients to gifts that enable us to purchase new equipment, each act of generosity helps us enhance the health and lives of others in Humboldt County.

Some of the most recent donor purchased equipment includes:

Panda Warmers

A warm welcome for precious newborns

Today’s parents are well-informed and have high expectations for their birthing experience. They ask lots of questions. They take an active role in the birth experience and look for an environment where bonding and family-centered care are easily facilitated.

The Panda Warmers from GE combine advanced technologies with innovative features to deliver state-of-the-art thermoregulation while promoting family-centered care. The Bedded Warmer can be configured with full resuscitation capability and SpO2 monitoring, meeting clinical standards in a single configuration.

Stryker Heavy Duty Power Tools

These specialized power tools offer the most innovative, highest performing system backed by best-in-class service from Stryker.

Redwood Memorial performs hundreds of orthopedic surgeries each year including total joint arthroplasty, hemi-arthroplasty, trauma and sports medicine procedures. Specialized equipment that is current technology and well maintained is required to safely and efficiently deliver this critical need to the community.

Power tools are used during orthopedic surgeries to cut and drill bone. They are the workhorse of a power supply inventory and the primary instrumentation for orthopedic surgery. The new tools, the Stryker System 7 and the Stryker Cordless Driver 4 system, are the new standard in power tool performance and reliability.

Key advantages include:

• Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion batteries with exclusive ACP Technology provide a longer, more reliable battery life (small battery runs 220% longer, large battery run 183% longer), increasing efficiency in the O.R.

• An innovative rotary handpiece offering substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance with an improved power-to-weight ratio (29% reduction in overall system weight)

• Integrated SORN Remote Device Management enables the transfer of device usage data to Stryker support teams to help monitor and recommend ongoing maintenance - reducing down time in the O.R.

• Sealed sterilization containers minimize processing time and reduce the use of blue wrap creating a more sustainable solution

• Design enhancements make it lighter, more powerful and easier to use

Volunteers contribute the gift of time, providing more than 13,000 hours of service each year to assist Redwood Memorial Hospital patients, visitors and staff. The volunteers also contribute upwards of $20,000 that benefits patient care through grants to hospital programs and equipment.

Thank you to our donors. Every gift of time, treasure or talent makes a meaningful difference in the life of St. Joseph Hospital and the lives of our patients.

To learn more or to get involved call (707) 269-4200 or email us at

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