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Sister Alma Donor Club

Sister Alma's Legacy Continues

Sister Mary Alma Bachand Sister Mary Alma Bachand was an exceptional human being who helped lead Redwood Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital through some very challenging years. She was a pioneer who exemplified the wisdom, strength and faith necessary to achieve difficult goals.

When Sister Alma arrived at Redwood Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital, she faced the challenges of a small rural hospital experiencing economic hardship, low morale and limited services. Yet, she relied on her faith, and went into the community for support – which she received in the most generous ways.

The Sister Alma Circle Donor Club was formed in honor of Sister Alma Bachand, CEO of Redwood Memorial Hospital (1971-1985). Some of her accomplishments at Redwood Memorial Hospital include establishing the Intensive Care Unit, expanding the Emergency Department, developing an independent water system and bringing in satellite dish technology.

Through annual support, Sister Alma Circle members offer financial resources to share in the healing mission of Redwood Memorial Hospital, and continue the strong legacy of the Sisters in promoting the health and well-being of our families, friends and neighbors.

We welcome gifts of any amount to honor Sister Alma, but an annual gift of $125 or more qualifies you as a member of the Sister Alma Circle Donor Club.

Membership Levels

  • Inspiration $1000
  • Faith $ 500
  • Hope $ 250
  • Devotion $ 125

Click for a membership card you may mail in with payment

Your benefits as a recognized member of the Sister Alma Circle are a beautiful tree pin designed by Holly Yashi, an invitation to Sister Alma Circle gatherings and your name displayed on the Sister Alma Circle recognition sign in the lobby of the hospital.

In keeping with the values Sister Alma embodied, the Sister Alma Circle Donor Club members vote on how the proceeds will be used each year to support the hospital. In the past, members have voted to use the funds to purchase a new pediatric gastro scope, to remodel the RMH café and to purchase equipment for the Lab Phlebotomy Room.

By contributing to the Sister Alma Circle Donor Club, the community and employees at Redwood Memorial Hospital join forces to continue her legacy and make a difference in her honor. In addition to Sr. Alma’s unshakeable faith, what many remember was her loving and supportive nature, her strong devotion, and her desire to truly care for others.

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