Redwood Memorial Foundation

Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation Board

The Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors consists of residents within the Eel River Valley who share a common goal - to do all we can to help, support, and improve our community hospital, Redwood Memorial.

We are very proud of our hospital! It is a vital part of our community, not only because it provides life-saving health care services, but also because it plays an important role in overall community safety.

We as a board are dedicated to ensuring that Redwood Memorial Hospital Hospital remains strong by engaging in philanthropic activities designed to increase community awareness and participation in helping to meet the hospital's needs. We invite you to join us in our efforts, and encourage you to learn more about Redwood Memorial Hospital and the Redwood Memorial Foundation.

2017 Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation Board
2012 Redwood Memorial Foundation President

  • Keith Borges
  • Richard Center
  • Stephanie Dittmer, MD
  • Erin Dunn
  • Erin Flyer - Member at Large
  • Maile Feuerman - Secretary
  • Laurie Garrison
  • Becky Giacomini
  • Lisa Hummel - Treasurer
  • Mary Johnson
  • Dennis Leonardi
  • Julie Malvey
  • Ben McWhorter -Vice President
  • John Montgomery, MD - President
  • David Morris - Member at Large
  • Pamela Murphy
  • Karen Parlato
  • Jennifer Renner
  • Tom Ross
  • Sam Sullivan

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