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Community Benefit

The Community Benefit Department of St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital Hospitals sponsors, develops, manages and sustains Healthy Community initiatives for the vulnerable populations of Humboldt County. Working in partnership with community members, public and private agencies and organizations, we better focus our resources upon the most critical needs. Partnering with others enables us to better address these needs. The Community Benefit Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees, reviews the activities of the department to assure the response to community need is appropriate.

The Community Benefit Committee oversees the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process every three years, using the information obtained in the assessment to set the goals and outcomes for the yearly Community Benefit Plan. The Plan is forwarded to the State of California as one tool to show our commitment as a non-profit organization to the community we serve.

Watch the video below to see our work in the community.

Your feedback is important to us. Please comment on our FY17 CHNA and FY18-FY20 Community Benefit Plan/Implementation Strategy Reports by emailing

Reports & Community Health Needs Assessments

St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka (SJE)

Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

Community Benefit Plan/Implementation Strategy Reports

Community Benefit Reports

Redwood Memorial Hospital (RMH)

Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Benefit Plan/Implementation Strategy Reports

Community Benefit Reports

Many of the community benefit activities and programs sponsored by SJH Humboldt County are housed in the Community Benefit Department. These include the Community Resource Centers (Rio Dell, Blue Lake, Eureka, Loleta and Willow Creek), Paso a Paso (Step by Step), Healthy Kids Humboldt, Care Transitions and the Evergreen Lodge.

Extending a Ministry of Hope

The mission of the Sisters has always been to respond to the needs of the community, serving in a variety of ways: educating the young, caring for the sick and poor, ministering to the dying, and advocating to ensure a just and fair society for all. Today, SJH is privileged to carry forth the healing ministry of the Sisters and to extend the concern that they have always shown for people living within their communities.

In addition to offering the finest quality health care, all SJH entities dedicate resources to improve the health and quality of life for the communities it serves, with special emphasis on the needs of the economically poor and underserved.

Each year St. Joseph Hospital allocates 10% of its net income (net unrealized gains and losses) to the St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund. (See Figure 1). 7.5% of the contributions are used to support local hospital Care for the Poor programs. 1.75% is used to support SJH Community Partnership Fund grant initiatives. The remaining .75% is designated toward reserves, which helps ensure the Fund's ability to sustain programs into the future that assist low-income and underserved populations.

Furthermore, St. Joseph Hospital will endorse local non-profit organization partners to apply for funding through the St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund. Local non-profits that receive funding provide specific services and resources to meet the identified needs of underserved communities throughout St. Joseph Health hospitals' service areas.

Despite financial challenges that continue to face rural hospitals today, the Sisters remain committed to their mission of continually improving the health and quality of life of the people in the communities they serve and to seeing it carried out in Humboldt County.

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