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Homeless To Be Kept Warm Thanks To Donation Of Nearly 1,000 Blankets


Eureka, CA (September 19, 2014) – More than ten organizations in Humboldt County that help the homeless and less fortunate have received gently used blankets and bedding that will help keep men, women and children warm. St. Joseph Health – Humboldt County donated the items, totaling nearly 1,000 pieces, to several agencies in August, including: Betty Chinn Day Center, Eureka Rescue Mission, Serenity Inn, Healing Ring, Rio Dell Baptist Church/Ruth's Room, Fortuna Community Services, North Coast Veterans Resource Center, Willow Creek Community Health Center, Arcata House Partnership and the Multiple Assistance Center.

The gently used blankets and bedding were declared surplus after St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital Hospitals recently chose new patient care bedding. "The bedding we donated to local organizations that help the homeless, even though it's gently used, is in great shape," said Joy Victorine, Social Work Coordinator at St. Joseph Hospital. "The items are made from hospital-grade material and when we ordered new patient care bedding we did not want to just throw the old bedding away. We're thrilled it's now being put to good use in a new way."

With this donation, organizations such as the Eureka Rescue Mission will be able to have all the same sheets and blankets on their beds. "The bedding has been washed, cleaned and folded – that is huge," said Bryan Hall, Sr., Executive Director of the Eureka Rescue Mission. "Many of us may take something like this for granted but having clean bedding as a homeless person means a lot." Martha Shanahan, Director of Community Benefits for St. Joseph Health, added "Not only will a new blanket give a homeless person a boost, but it could also help a person stay warm and avoid getting ill. Our mission as a Catholic health care organization isn't just about treating the sick – it's also about treating the whole person."

The largest donations went to the Eureka Rescue Mission, Betty Chinn's Day Center and the Arcata House Partnership because they serve the largest number of homeless individuals locally. Many of the other agencies who received blankets will be giving them to those who need them in the community, which will add to the distance and number of people who will benefit from this donation. St. Joseph Health would like to recognize Mission Linen for their work storing, washing, sorting and delivering the blankets.

Photo 1: Bryan Hall, Sr., Executive Director of the Eureka Rescue Mission, Amy Bubenik, Manager of Environmental Services for St. Joseph Health and Joy Victorine, a Social Work Coordinator at St. Joseph Hospital, pose with hundreds of blankets that were donated to several local organizations that help the homeless and less fortunate.

Photo 2: Joy Victorine hands a stack of blankets to Bryan Hall to be used at the Eureka Rescue Mission.

Photo 3: Family shelter beds at the Eureka Rescue Mission now have new sheets and blankets on them.

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