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Humboldt County 4-H clubs celebrate Baby Week with donations to new parents


Eureka (October 15, 2013) – In recognition of National 4-H Week, local 4-H clubs celebrated by giving gift baskets to new parents at St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital hospitals. National 4-H Week takes place every October and is celebrated in Humboldt County by recognizing the first babies born during the week.

On October 9, Max Toste, president of the Freshwater 4-H club, and Emily Machado, a reporter for the Fortuna 4-H club, gave baskets to new mom Candice Martella at Redwood Memorial Hospital. Martella gave birth to a baby girl, Avery Fockaert, on October 8. Martella's basket was filled with all the essentials any new parent needs – diapers, baby wipes, toys and more.

At St. Joseph Hospital, Samantha Pifferini, who gave birth to a baby boy named Steven Randall on October 7, was also given a basket stuffed with newborn essentials. Neither recipient knew they were going to receive the baskets so it came as a very pleasant surprise.

Every 4-H club in Humboldt County was asked to give a gift to include in the baskets. Emily Machado, a 4-H club member for four years, said it's exciting and rewarding to work together on projects such as this one. "This project teaches us to be responsible by collecting donations for the basket. Ultimately it's our way of reaching out to the community," said Machado. Max Toste added "I have been a member of 4-H for six years, and coordinating this event with Emily has been rewarding. 4-H encourages us to be responsible and positive members in our community and to become part of something bigger - to help each other out and care about our community around us," said Toste. "In 4-H we learn how to 'make the best better,' for ourselves and our community."

Thanks to the generosity of local clubs and organizations, such as 4-H, patients at both St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital hospitals receive gifts throughout the year. The gifts have ranged from blankets to toys for pediatric patients to baskets for new parents. St. Joseph Health – Humboldt County is very appreciative of the generosity from so many different groups.

Max Toste, Freshwater 4-H club president, and Emily Machado, Fortuna 4-H club reporter, present a basket filled with baby gifts to new mom Samantha Pifferini at St. Joseph Hospital as part of 4-H Baby Week.

Baskets filled with baby gifts and supplies were given to new parents at St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital hospitals on October 9 during 4-H Baby Week.

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