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Green Diamond awards $40,000 to St. Joseph Hospital cancer campaign


Eureka, CA (Monday, Oct. 28) – St. Joseph Hospital is $40,000 closer to purchasing a linear accelerator for its Cancer Program thanks to Green Diamond Resource Company.

Green Diamond Resource Co. Vice President and General Manager Neal Ewald recently presented St. Joseph Hospital President Dr. David O'Brien with the check after securing the $40,000 "Chairman's Award" for the hospital's Cancer Care Campaign. The Green Diamond Chairman's Award is reserved for projects that in Chairman Colin Moseley's words "make a difference" in the local community.

Supporting local cancer care is a natural fit with Green Diamond's mission to improve the quality of life of its employees and friends and neighbors in the surrounding community.

Ewald recognized the pressing need to retain and enhance quality cancer services in Humboldt County and earlier this fall approached the chairman of the Seattle-based Green Diamond corporation about granting the sum to St. Joseph Hospital. On Oct. 17, Ewald stood in front of one of the Cancer Program's current linear accelerators and presented the check to hospital President Dr. David O'Brien with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Michael Harmon and St. Joseph Hospital Foundation Area Gift Officer Christian Hill.

"As a local employer, we need to have good health care to recruit quality employees," Ewald said.

Ewald said he believes in the critical need to retain the highly trained physicians at St. Joseph Hospital.

"The medical team at St. Joe's is top-notch," Ewald said. "Part of the reason I went to bat for this award is the high regard I have for local physicians. We want to help keep them here in Humboldt County."

Paul McGinty, executive director of the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, said the award was an exciting surprise, for him and for the staff and physicians at the Cancer Program.

"The fact that Green Diamond chose to support local cancer care with a gift of this magnitude speaks volumes about the company's commitment to our community," McGinty said. "The award brings us that much closer to reaching our goal of purchasing this vital equipment for the Cancer Program."

"We feel incredibly grateful to have been selected as the recipient of this award," he added.

About the Cancer Care Campaign:

St. Joseph Hospital's Cancer Care Campaign is a fundraising effort to purchase two new linear accelerators for the hospital's Cancer Program. In order to maintain the high quality cancer care currently offered, it's essential to bring the latest technology to the Cancer Program. The campaign goal is to raise $2 million to support the purchase the first of two state-of-the-art linear accelerators.

When the new equipment arrives, St. Joseph Hospital will be able to treat cancers never before treated in Humboldt County.

"Our current linear accelerators have served our community well," said Radiation Oncologist Dr. Michael Harmon. "These machines deliver high quality radiation treatments and can be used to treat most types of cancer. New linear accelerators will allow us to keep current with advancements made at university cancer centers."

For more information about the Cancer Care Campaign, call the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation at (707) 269-4200.


Green Diamond Resource Co. Vice President and General Manager Neal Ewald, right, presents the company's $40,000 Chairman's Award to St. Joseph Hospital President Dr. David O'Brien. The award will benefit the hospital's Cancer Care Campaign, raising funds to purchase a new linear accelerator for the Cancer Program.

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