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St. Joseph Hospital nurse pens second children’s novel


Author and St. Joseph Hospital nurse M.E. Roche has written a new book in her series of children’s mysteries, The Adventures of Nora Brady, Student Nurse: Havoc at Harrison Hospital.M.E. Roche, a St. Joseph Hospital nurse by day and young adult author by night, has penned a second novel in her series chronicling the adventures of student nurse Nora Brady. Roche’s first book, The Adventures of Nora Brady, Student Nurse: Mystery at Marian Manor, was published in 2008 and is now followed by its sequel, The Adventures of Nora Brady, Student Nurse: Havoc at Harrison Hospital.

The books follow the experiences of Nora Brady, a student nurse learning about the ins and outs of health care in the fictional town of Jacobsport, California. In the first book, Nora is a student nurse at a nursing home who starts her own investigation when mysterious things start happening to the nursing home residents.

In the second book, Nora is again involved in a murder mystery but she is now in a different setting – at a hospital where she is learning a more critical type of patient care. She is surrounded by the same support group – the friends and nurses she introduced to us in the first book, as well as Dan McGuire, the police detective.

"I have always loved children’s books and mysteries," Roche said. "And they always tell you to write what you know. These books combine my understanding of the nursing profession with my love of mysteries."

Roche identifies with her characters and bases many of the events that take place on her own experiences as a nurse. She highlights nurse-patient interactions and seeks to show what a nurse’s day is like. Roche is currently working on a third novel in the series, this one set at a hospital in Ireland, where Roche herself spent several years working as a pediatric nurse when she first graduated.

Both of Roche’s novels are currently available through, and For more information, visit the author’s website at

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