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Redwood Memorial Hospital welcomes digital mammography equipment


RMH COO Joe Rogers, left, led the group in a dedication honoring longtime hospital supporter Gwynna Morris, whose husband David Morris, center, attended, as well as Redwood Memorial Foundation board president John Egan, right.Community members joined staff, physicians and board members at Redwood Memorial Hospital on Tuesday during an open house for the hospital’s new digital mammography equipment. Before kicking off tours of the mammography suite, Chief Operating Officer Joe Rogers dedicated the new equipment to longtime hospital supporter Gwynna Morris, who lost her battle with cancer last fall.

"We are honored to dedicate our digital mammography equipment in honor of Gwynna, a person who we all love and miss, and someone who has done so much for Redwood Memorial Hospital and the entire Eel River Valley community," Rogers said.

The digital mammography equipment arrived at RMH last fall, replacing the film technology the hospital had previously used. One of digital mammography’s advantage over film technology is that it is superior for imaging dense breasts. Also, instead of having film versions to scrutinize, radiologists can take digital mammograms and zoom them, change the lighting or any other manipulations to see tissue more clearly.

"Having digital mammography available in the Eel River Valley is a clear benefit to our patients," said Dom Previte, Redwood Memorial Hospital Hospital’s director of Diagnostic Imaging. In addition to being able to manipulate the images more easily, he added that digital images "are available within moments instead of a technologist having to run film through a processor," making it a faster process for the patient.

Funding for the new digital mammography equipment at Redwood Memorial Hospital was made possible by the efforts of the Redwood Memorial Foundation, the community and the Benefit Ball, Golf Tournament and Foundation Outreach committees. With the community’s help, the 2010 Benefit Ball and Scramble for Redwood Memorial golf tournament raised more than $100,000 for the new technology.

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