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Hospital announces free health coaching services


Free Health Coach Service LaunchesRetired physician’s assistant Bob Cory has opened a free health coaching service in Eureka for community residents in need of additional help understanding their medical situation.

Cory, who spent 35 years as a physician’s assistant before retiring, will provide health coaching services including reviewing clients’ health records, lab work and medications; recommending questions clients should ask their health providers; suggestions for healthy eating and exercise habits, and much more.

The health coaching services are free of charge to all clients; however, Cory will accept donations for St. Joseph Hospital’s radiation oncology department for those who wish to contribute.

The idea to offer the community free health coaching services came to Cory earlier this year after he experienced the other side of health care – as a patient. Cory was diagnosed last spring with a tumor on his vocal cord and underwent radiation treatment at St. Joseph Hospital. Today he is healthy and happy, and back to running regularly.

"As a patient for the first time in my life, I saw the other side of health care," Cory said. "Too many patients don’t understand the basics, like which medications to take when and what to ask their primary care provider."

"My goal is to bridge the gap between patient and provider," he added.

Cory has named his service "Never Holler Ho" health coaching, which is a personal motto meaning "never give up." Cory said the term has carried him through his personal and professional career caring for people on the North Coast, and he hopes his clients will be inspired by the positive message.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Bob Cory for health coaching services, call the office at (707) 496-3732. His office is located at 2505 Lucas Street in Eureka.

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