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Nurses honored for ‘Excellence in Respiratory Care’

Pictured from left: Respiratory therapist Valerie Vogel nominated St. Joseph Hospital Intensive Care Unit nurses Myrna Dipert and JoAnne Hart for ‘Excellence in Respiratory Care’ awards after they cared for Vogel’s son. Two nurses at St. Joseph Hospital were recently honored at the 20th annual Critical Care Conference in April for "Excellence in Respiratory Care." The nurses, Myrna Dipert and JoAnne Hart, cared for respiratory therapist Valerie Vogel’s son when he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St. Joseph Hospital.

Earlier this year, Vogel nearly lost her only child to septic shock. It was her experience with these two nurses who cared for her son while he was ill that led her to nominate them for the award.

In presenting the award to Dipert and Hart, Vogel said both nurses were "incredible" care providers. Dipert "continued to work tirelessly and overtime to try and save my son’s life," she said, adding that Hart, who took over caring for him the following day, helped make sure he got the care he needed to make it through the night.

"I have never seen a more dedicated clinical staff anywhere," Vogel said. "Today my son is alive and is neurologically intact thanks to God and to the dedicated team at St. Joseph Hospital. To simply say ‘thank you’ for saving my child’s life doesn’t seem enough."

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