Emergency Care

Full-Service, 24-Hour Emergency Department in Humboldt County

If you or a loved one need emergency medical care, be sure to call 911 and find the closest Humboldt County emergency room. If you are near Fortuna, you can find the excellent care you need with our experienced staff and fully-equipped facilities at Redwood Memorial Hospital.

Our full-service Emergency Department is ready to provide treatment 24/7. This includes any workplace injury you may sustain. You can find the immediate treatment you need before a condition worsens.

Do not risk delaying the medical care you need, especially if you have suffered a head or back injury. Get the quality help you need right away.

If you would like to directly contact our Emergency Department, you can reach us at (707) 725-7328.

Quality Care You Need in an Emergency

Our experienced team is comprised of numerous Board Certified specialists in emergency medicine. In order to provide the wide range of care that is need in an instant, an emergency medical doctor must be well-versed in practically every field of medicine. With over two centuries of combined medical experience, the experts in our Emergency Department are ready to provide the right diagnosis and swift treatment for virtually any type of illness or injury, whether the condition is minor or critical.

Our skilled Emergency Department staff members also include in-house specialists such as:

Orthopedic surgeons

At our Emergency Care Department in Fortuna, we have eight treatment areas that are equipped with cardiac monitoring systems. We also have a direct link to the cardiac program at St. Joseph Hospital. Our RN staff are experienced in triage, assessment, evaluation, and stabilization of all patients of all ages. We also provide follow-up referrals to further medical care as needed.

The Excellent Service You Can Expect at Our Emergency Care Department

We strive to provide swift and efficient care of the highest quality to everyone who comes for treatment. Typically speaking, families and friends are able to visit with patients during their evaluation. If you have visitors in the waiting room, be sure to let your nurse know, and we can keep them informed of your progress as necessary.

If you come for treatment and have a private doctor, please let us know when you register. That way we can send your physician a copy of the completed emergency room record. If you do not have a primary doctor, we can refer you to a qualified physicians for the follow-up care you may need.

Once your test results come in, our physician at the Emergency Department can discuss your case with you. If you ever have any questions about a medical issue, we can provide the answers you need 24 hours a day when you call.

Trusted Medical Care in Your Community

Our Emergency Department is also a valuable clinical resource for nursing students, paramedic students, and EMT students who are in training. Our medical staff further participates in providing medical coverage and health information through community events. If you have any questions regarding these educational or informational opportunities, please call our office.

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