About Us


David O'Brien, M.D.


  • Kevin Klockenga
    Regional Executive VP, Northern California
  • David O'Brien
    M.D., President
  • David Southerland
    VP, COO
  • Mich Riccioni
    VP, CFO
  • Joshua Allee
    VP, Mission Integration
  • Laurie Watson-Stone
    Vice President, Operations, Redwood Memorial Hospital and Area Patient Experience
  • Maureen Disbot
    VP, Quality & Patient Safety
  • Tammy Bark
    VP, CNO
  • Paul McGinty
    VP Philanthropy
  • William Parks, MD
    VP CMO

Board of Trustees

  • Evan Buxbaum, M.D.
  • Patrick Cleary
  • Sr. Karen Clock, CSJ
  • Paul Ohta
  • Becky Giacomini
  • John Gierek, Jr., Chairman
  • Sr. Pat Hayhurst, CSJ
  • Ron Jones, M.D.
  • Dennis Leonardi, Vice Chairman
  • Ellen Mahoney, M.D.
  • Jeff Nelson
  • David O’Brien, M.D.
  • Scott Sageman, M.D.
  • Megan Smith-Zagone, M.D.
  • Sr. Mary Therese Sweeney, CSJ

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